Data & Analysis

Prison Response Unit Data

Each year, JHA receives more than 4,000 letters, calls and emails from inmates and their loved ones.  With unique privileged mail status, JHA responds to all correspondence we receive.  Not only does this allow us to provide individuals with the information they are seeking, but it also provides JHA with information on inmate issues and concerns.  Information provided in letters - including facility, letter topic, and demographic of author - is tracked in JHA's proprietary database and analyzed.  This in turn provides JHA with up to date, confidential information on what is happening inside our prisons - information that is unavailable elsewhere.

Prison Inmate & Staff Survey Data

Our survey is a paper-based staff and inmate survey tool which enhances information collection from regular monitoring visits to Illinois prisons.  Surveys are anonymous and voluntary.  Data from surveys will ensure the opinions of a higher percentage of people at the facility are registered, and will help to better gauge changes in perceptions over time.  Further, it allows JHA to capture information we haven’t before – both in terms of the types of information we receive as well as the quantity of data.  Hearing the voice of those inside prison walls is critical to our work, and this greatly increases our ability to do so.

External Data

JHA also utilizes external data - that of bodies such as IDOC and IDJJ - in our work.  Links to just some of these resources can be found here.