Graham Correctional Center

Graham Correctional Center (Graham) is located in Hillsboro, Illinois, about a four-hour drive south of Chicago, and an hour south of Springfield. Graham is a medium-security male facility. Graham also operates one of the three male Reception and Classification centers (R&Cs) within the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC).

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Vital Statistics:
Population: 1,632 - Rated Capacity: 1,074 R&C Population: 383 - Rated Capacity: 100
Total Operational Capacity: 2,110
Average Age: 36
Population aged 50 or older: 13%
Cost per Inmate (FY 2012): $21,037
Convicted in Cook County: 24%
Convicting Offense: 5% Murder, 20% Class X, 22% Class 1, 27% Class 2, 13% Class 3, and 12% Class 4 felonies.
Population by Race: 52% White, 43% Black, 5% Hispanic
Source: IDOC, May 2013

Key Observations

  • Systemic crowding and staffing issues create problems at the facility.
  • JHA found that conditions for inmates spending lengthy terms in reception at Graham needed improvement.
  • Inmates temporarily housed in the gym at the time of JHA’s visit had many complaints.
  • Graham’s sex offender treatment program remains peer-run due to lack of mental health staff.
  • Once an educational powerhouse, Graham operated at the time of the visit with just two teachers.
  • IDOC reportedly has taken steps to improve some noted issues in the time since the visit, which JHA will continue to monitor.

JHA's work on healthcare in the Illinois Department of Correction is supported by a generous grant from the Michael Reese Health Trust