Sheridan Correctional Center

Sheridan Correctional Center is a medium-security adult male facility located in Sheridan, Illinois, about an hour and a half southwest of Chicago. Among the 27 Illinois Department of Corrections (DOC) facilities, Sheridan is best known as a preeminent substance abuse treatment facility.

Read JHA's 2013 report on Sheridan.

Vital Statistics
Population: 2,079
Rated Capacity: 1,304
Operational Capacity: 2,098
Average Age: 34
Population aged 50 or older: 11%
Cost per Inmate (FY 2012): $27,821
Population by Race: 63% Black, 24%
White, 13% Hispanic, Source: IDOC, September 2013

Key Observations

  • The population at Sheridan has increased significantly since JHA’s last report.
  • Sheridan now houses nearly 300 general population non-substance abuse treatment inmates.
  • Population increases at the facility and throughout IDOC have limited effective
    population management.
  • Staff acknowledged that they have seen an increase in the quantity and severity of mental health issues at the facility, but believed these could be accommodated the substance abuse treatment setting.
  • Sheridan is to be commended for their reentry placement efforts and success.
  • This facility has significantly increased its state nurse staffing, which administrators attributed to the fact that the facility’s population doubled in 10 years.