Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center

Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center (SWICC) is a Minimum-Security adult male prison located approximately 293 miles south of Chicago and 17 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri.

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Vital Statistics

Population: 683
Design Capacity: 661
Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $41,291
Average Age: 34
Population by Race: 51% White, 44% Black, and 5% Hispanic.
Committing Offense: 6% Class X, 31% Class 1, 38% Class 2, 14% Class 3, and 11% Class 4 felonies.
Committed from Cook County: 25%

Source: IDOC
Key Observations

  • Not only have SWICC inmates been shown to recidivate at a lower rate than a comparison group, but also inmates for the most part report satisfaction with the substance abuse treatment program and expressed that it was a good place for them to be within IDOC.
  • Compared with other facilities within IDOC, SWICC offers inmates exceptional educational, vocational, and reentry planning opportunities.
  • Inmates were disheartened by the condition of their bedding and complaints about healthcare were common.
  • SWICC’s use of alternatives to traditional discipline and segregation appear promising as they permit continued treatment, however such methods should be closely monitored for inappropriate use of tactics that some inmates reported make them feel humiliated.

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