IYC-Warrenville is Illinois' medium and maximum-security girls facility. The facility is located approximately 45 minutes from downtown Chicago, in Dupage County.

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Vital Statistics
Population: 46
Average Age: 17.1
Average Cost Per Inmate: $177,900
Population by Race: 14 White (30%), 29 Black (63%), and 3 Hispanic (7%)

(Source: IDJJ, 2013)

Key Observations

  • JHA continues to be impressed by Warrenville’s commitment to providing mental health services to all of the girls, the benefits of which are evidenced by the reduction of number of girls in crisis, as well as on suicide watch in the past year.
  • In the spring of 2013, Warrenville began implementing phone therapy sessions for youth with their families in order to address the complicated issues of family communication and reintegration, both of which are made more difficult by the youth being so far from home. As of September, there has not been much momentum for this program, which we hope will increase in the near term.
  • If the state reformed its juvenile parole system, it could significantly and safely reduce the number of girls in custody at Warrenville, given the high number of parole violators in the facility (32 percent of the current population). This would be a cost savings to the state as well as a benefit to youth reentering their communities, by providing support to them where they need it most.
  • There continue to be a number of youth at Warrenville who are eligible for release from the facility but remain incarcerated because there is no approved outside placement. This is a system wide failure that is beginning to draw focus as IDJJ takes responsibility for approving alternative placements for youth.
  • A lack of vocational training and post-secondary education continues to hinder efforts to reintegrate youth back into their communities.

Read JHA's 2013 report here.
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