Stateville Northern Reception and Classification Center

Northern Reception and Classification (NRC) is Illinois’ largest male intake facility. It is located approximately 45 minutes outside of Chicago in Joliet, adjacent to the Stateville Correctional Center (Stateville) maximum-security facility.

Read JHA's 2012 report here. (PDF)

Vital Statistics

Population: 2,188
Rated Capacity: 1,800
Average Cost: N/A
Average Age: N/A
(Source: IDOC, 5/12/2013)

Key Observations

  • For a thorough analysis of NRC intake process, see JHA's 2011 report here. (PDF).
  • Between 85 to 90 percent of the inmates in the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) enter the state prison system through NRC, and nearly 2,000 inmates cycle in while 2,000 cycle out of the facility each month.
  • Chronically low healthcare staffing frustrates NRC’s ability to provide adequate care, let alone doing so while conducting thorough intake assessments.
  • NRC must rely upon inmates self-reporting their mental health and medical conditions because the state lacks a reliable system to pass information between county jails, mental health facilities, and the prison system.
  • NRC has begun opt-out HIV testing as authorized by 2011 legislation. Staff estimated that 75 percent of inmates are taking the HIV test and 25 percent opt-out, mostly because they have already been tested at Cook County Jail.
  • Due to overcrowded conditions, inmates at NRC are routinely housed in overflow housing locations, including the gym and classrooms.
  • Crowding conditions, staffing levels, and limited resources impede needed improvements for inmate quality of life issues.

Read JHA's 2012 report here. (PDF)

Read JHA's 2011 report here. (PDF)

JHA's work on healthcare in the Illinois Department of Correction is supported by a generous grant from the Michael Reese Health Trust