Stateville Northern Reception and Classification Center

Stateville Northern Reception and Classification center (NRC) is the largest intake facility within the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC). Nearly 2,000 male inmates cycle in and out of the facility each month. NRC is located 45 minutes outside of Chicago in Joliet, adjacent to maximum-security Stateville Correctional Center (Stateville). In addition to handling intake, NRC manages court and medical writ inmates, and contains a Minimum Security Unit (MSU).

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Vital Statistics

Population NRC & MSU: 2,321
NRC Rated Capacity: 1,800
MSU Rated Capacity: 384
MSU Population: 220
(Source: IDOC, March 2014)

Key Observations

  • Throughout 2014, NRC remained crowded to the point of regularly utilized non-standard overflow housing. A significant population drop at NRC in early 2015 has permitted this situation to improve.
  • At the time of JHA's March 2014 visit, roughly a third of the NRC population had been housed for more than 60 days at the reception facility, designed for short term housing of fewer than 10 days. Long stays in reception conditions continue to be a serious concern.
  • NRC cannot accommodate 17-year-olds in compliance with the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards and best practices.
  • There have been some improvements to mental health intake screening since JHA's 2012 report.
  • Boot camp wait times had also improved.
  • Facility leadership's commitment to cultural change and cost-savings, including improvements to staff morale and inmate quality of life, coupled with faster processing, has been observed over the past year and is encouraging. These efforts cannot be successful without support of IDOC and state leadership, and a commitment to keeping population down.

Read JHA's 2014 report here. (PDF)
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