Vienna Correctional Center

Vienna Correctional Center (Vienna) is a Level Six minimum-security adult male facility that houses mostly low-level offenders. It also operates Dixon Springs-Impact Incarceration Program (IIP), a co-ed boot camp. Located on the fringes of Shawnee National Forest and adjacent to Shawnee Correctional Center, a male minimum-security prison, Vienna is about 350 miles south of Chicago and 170 miles west of Nashville, Tennessee.

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Vital Statistics
Population: 1,616
Rated Capacity: 685
Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $20,714
Average Age: 35
Source: DOC, 12/19/11

Key Observations

  • As of December 19, 2011, Vienna is Illinois’ most overcrowded prison. It is designed to hold 685 inmates, but houses more than 1,600, which makes it about 240 percent over its design capacity.
  • If Governor Quinn restored Meritorious Good Time, the early-release program he suspended in late 2009, Vienna could potentially empty its most overcrowded areas.
  • At the time of JHA’s visit in September 2011, Vienna had only one mental health staff member for a prison of more than 1,600 inmates.
  • Approximately 12 percent of Vienna’s population is 50 or older. The racial-ethnic makeup of Vienna’s population is roughly 67 percent African American, 21 percent White, 11 percent Hispanic, and approximately 1 percent Native American and Asian combined.

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