Danville Correctional Center

Danville Correctional Center (Danville) is located in Danville, Illinois, about a two and a half hours drive south of Chicago and 40 minute drive east of Champaign at the Indiana border. It is a medium-security male facility that offers notable volunteer educational programs within the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), including the University of Illinois’ Education Justice Project and the Divine Hope Reformed Bible Seminary.

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Vital Statistics
Population: 1,840
Rated Capacity: 896
Operational Capacity: 1,864
Average Age: 34
Population aged 50 or older: 11%
Cost per Inmate (FY 2012): $16,412
Source: IDOC, October 2013

Key Observations

  • Although generally JHA hears Danville positively compared to other IDOC facilities, in the past year, Danville was faced with some challenges beyond administrators’ control, including systemic overcrowding resulting in use of gym housing.
  • Accommodating 17-year-olds within IDOC in accordance federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards is extremely problematic, as they must be kept separate from adult inmates unless directly supervised.
  • Even at a facility with many programs, educational needs outstrip supply.
  • The necessity for better determination of needs at beginning of incarceration and planning for reentry is apparent, as Danville averages 80-100 inmates per month who have completed their term of incarceration but cannot be released due to not having an approved parole site.
  • Similarly, the need for electronic medical records to alert staff of needs was again evident, as Danville reported having had no advanced warning of receiving a blind inmate from IDOC reception and classification.

Read JHA's latest report here.
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