Fox Valley Adult Transition Center

Fox Valley Adult Transition Center (ATC) (Fox Valley) is located in Aurora, Illinois, about 40 miles outside of Chicago. It is a minimum-security female facility and the only female ATC, or work release center, within the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC).

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Vital Statistics:
Population: 130
Rated Capacity: 100
Operational Capacity: 130
Average Age: 36
Population aged 50 or older: 18%
Cost per Inmate (FY 2012): $17,250
Average Length of Stay: 18 months
Convicted in Cook County: 24%
Convicting Offense: 16% Class X, 39% Class 1, 26% Class 2, 12% Class 3, and 7% Class 4 felonies.
Population by Race: 65% White, 30% Black, 4.5% Hispanic, and Source: IDOC, February 2014

Key Observations

  • Through work in the community and structured activities, Fox Valley provides women with the opportunity to stabilize and restructure their lives around lawful employment.
  • About 20% of Illinois’ female prisoners meet the basic eligibility requirements for work release. However, Fox Valley, the only ATC for women within IDOC, makes up less than five percent of female IDOC bedspace.
  • JHA was impressed by the integration of Fox Valley with the local community.
  • The wrap around approach to individualized services and support provided to the women at Fox Valley is based on active case management and a structured program that provides clear expectations, goals, and privileges.

Read JHA's 2014 report.