Illinois River Correctional Center

Illinois River is a medium security male facility located approximately three and a half hours southwest of Chicago in Canton.

Read JHA's 2012 report here. (PDF)

Vital Statistics:
Population: 2,055
Rated Capacity: 1,011
Design Capacity: 1,011
Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $15,885
Average Age: 36
Population by Race: 55 percent Black, 24 percent White, 20 percent Hispanic, and 1 percent Asian.
Source IDOC, July 2012

Key Observations

  • At the time of JHA’s visit, the facility had no bilingual staff despite a substantial Spanish dominant inmate population. Likewise, the facility had no minority security staff members despite 76 percent of the population being minority inmates. Recruitment of Spanish speaking staff and minority staff is recommended.
  • JHA commends Illinois River on its focus on reentry and several new initiatives including offering additional recreation time for older inmates, a new literacy program, efforts to promote inmates being good fathers, and the “Go Green” initiative, as well as the ongoing efforts of Illinois River’s outstanding Leisure Time Services and vocational departments. We note that Illinois River’s current Warden comes from a Women’s Division programming position and brings many positive ideas from this background.
  • Due to the facility’s age, Illinois River has several pressing physical plant needs, including fixing leaking roofs and gutters.
  • Illinois River has substantial waitlists of over 300 inmates for educational programming.
  • Continued overcrowding, anticipated retirements, and staffing vacancies are troubling as lack of resources will undermine the positive programming at Illinois River.

Read JHA's 2012 report here. (PDF)