Robinson Correctional Center

Robinson Correctional Center (Robinson) is a minimum-security male facility within the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) located in Robinson, Illinois, about a four hour drive south of Chicago and an hour east of Effingham on the Indiana border.

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Vital Statistics:
Population: 1,214
Rated Capacity: 600
Operational Capacity: 1,223
Average Age: 37
Population aged 50 or older: 12%
Cost per Inmate (FY12): $19,894
Convicted in Cook County: 48%
Convicting Offense: 2% Murder, 24% Class X, 19% Class 1, 30% Class 2, 14% Class 3, and 11% Class 4 felonies.
Population by Race: 50% Black, 32% White, 17% Hispanic, and 1% Asian.
Source: IDOC, March 2014

Key Observations

  • Robinson benefits from having about 80% of the population engaged in productive activity through programming and work assignments.
  • JHA appreciated facility resourcefulness in continually drawing on staff, inmate, and volunteer strengths to expand programming opportunities and create a more positive environment focused on reentry success.
  • Robinson appears proactive in identifying inmates who may require assistance with literacy and language issues and offers resources tailored to such needs.
  • Robinson is slated to be both one of the first locations within IDOC for legislatively mandated outside audit of healthcare and the implementation of an evidence-based risk assessment tool; however, both of these initiatives have been delayed.

Read JHA's 2014 report on Robinson here.