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Our Impact



At JHA, we fight for a criminal justice system that is fair, effective and humane.

We inform and educate the public, policymakers and stakeholders about the treatment of people and conditions inside of our prisons, and advocate for legislative and administrative changes in prison operations.

Our advocacy efforts drive change that improves the lives and outcomes for people in prison and in our communities, and demands better use of limited taxpayer-funded resources. 

Our work uncovers problems large and small in Illinois correctional facilities. This serves as the foundation for improving the lives of prisoners and their families, and driving change that is humane, fair and effective:

closing facilities.png

Closing of facilities due to inhumane conditions

educational opportunity.png

Importance of opportunities for education and job skill training

medical treatment.png

Need for quality medical and mental health care


 Policy Statements

Prisoners don’t have a say in their conditions of confinement. At JHA, we give them voice.

Read our positions on prison conditions and policy reform in Illinois.


 Legislative Impact

Our work has lead to real change for prisoners and their families. 


 In The Media