Illinois Youth Center - Murphysboro

Illinois Youth Center - Murphysboro


IYC-Murphysboro was formerly Southern Illinois’ Minimum Security facility for boys. It is now closed.

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Monitoring Reports

Executive Summary

On March 24, 2011, the John Howard Association visited IYC-Murphysboro, Southern Illinois’ Minimum Security facility for boys. Below is a report of our findings and recommendations.

Until recently, Murphysboro was operated under a boot camp model. As of May 1, 2010, Murphysboro has been transitioning into a therapeutic and rehabilitative model. Administration expressed that it thought the transition would be a “nightmare,” but it has been surprised by staff’s acceptance of the new model and the positive effects it has had on youth’s behavior. Some staff proved unable to accept the transition from a punitive and militaristic style of operation, but most of those staff members transferred to adult facilities.

IDJJ Southern Facilities Reports Including IYC-Murphysboro