Graham Correctional Center

Graham Correctional Center


Graham Correctional Center is located in Hillsboro, Illinois, about a four-hour drive south of Chicago, and an hour south of Springfield. Graham is a medium-security male facility. Graham also operates one of the three male Reception and Classification centers within the Illinois Department of Corrections.

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Monitoring Reports

Executive Summary

During JHA’s visit to Graham, administrators stated that they “have nothing to hide” and that because they do things the right way on a regular basis they do not need to change things for visitors. Graham has several unique operational aspects in addition to the Reception and Classification center (R&C); the facility offers dialysis, sex offender treatment, and substance abuse treatment, all of which are uncommon at IDOC facilities.

However, cuts to programming at Graham were alarming, including the loss of the sole sex offender treatment staff person and dramatic reductions of educators. Such cuts were all the more unfortunate given that administrators expressed during the visit that they wanted these resources at the facility to aid inmates prepare for reentry. Most, 66%, of the inmates at Graham will be released in fewer than two years.

During the visit, JHA heard many positive comments from inmates assigned to Graham with the exception of numerous complaints from inmates who were housed in the gym or R&C and complaints related to programming cuts.

To be clear, JHA cannot confirm or deny the validity of particular inmates’ reports set forth herein. Inmate reports are not presented as fact, rather they reflect common attitudes or concerns that JHA believes should be acknowledged and addressed. IDOC is given the opportunity to review all JHA monitoring reports and respond prior to publication.

This report addresses the following: Reception and Classification, Gym Housing, Segregation, Grievances, Healthcare, Staffing, and Programming.

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